Friday, March 11, 2011

First rant, here we go.

This is going to be my first actual post, not so much of a rant per se...but it's something that's definitely been bugging me.

I've just about had it with girls taking words/actions the wrong way.
It doesn't help the fact that I'm already horrible with speaking, and I always have the tendency to say things I don't mean. My method is to say something, and explain why I don't feel that way.

Let's put it in a diagram:  Part A is the offense part. Part B is where I explain why that's NOT what I think.

Me: -Part A-
Girl: *interrupting* -gets offended and shuts out reason and logic at this point-
Me: -...Part B...-
Girl: -assumes I'm "just saying that" because I noticed how bad it hurt her feelings-

This is my problem: This girl has known me for nearly four years. She knows how I work, and she knows I have this issue with words. Yet lately she's been taking offense to everything I say and I'm constantly feeling the need to apologize.

I'm walking on eggshells with her.
Any ideas?


  1. them crazy girls lol.. nice blog you have here

  2. girls always understands their "own way" which sometimes becomes a funny or more like "ironic" thing

  3. Well everyone goes through a rough time in their life, maybe theres something bothering her at the moment.

  4. communication should ideally be adult to adult. everyone has three ego states: parent, child, and adult. could be you are speaking to her in your adult ego state and she's hearing you in her child ego state, feeling criticized or browbeaten though that may bot be your intent. or may you really are talking to her in your parent ego state and being critical of her. can't say for sure since i'm not there. anyway, following. check out my blog sometime.

  5. Girls are like that. It might be that time of month again. Followed!

  6. Well..

    If you tell her exactly what you told us, it might be fixed. Could be as simple as that. Be honest.